Monthly Archives: November 2014

Buy-to-let baby boomers to become Britain’s latest tax victims

A individual who wants to fund a buy-to-let project is hoping for house price appreciation over time and an income from the yield. However, the whole transaction could be taxed at as many as five different junctures. They will face […]

Cyber Monday 2014 explained: retail frenzy continues

“With just four weeks until Christmas, Cyber Monday is traditionally the day when consumers rush online to do their festive shopping,” said Simon Black, Sage Pay CEO. According to the data, noon will be the busiest time for online retailers […]

Voters reject plan to force Switzerland to stockpile gold

Roughly half of the central bank’s 522bn franc balance sheet is held in euros, and just 7.5pc in gold. Sunday’s referendum was triggered after a petition garnered 100,000 signatures. The campaign called for: • The SNB to repatriate all of […]

Iraq’s oil minister says Islamic State no longer a threat to Baghdad’s “black gold”

“Security measures are important but more important is the political support and solidarity. With the change in the government and advocating the new policies we can see the positive impact on security,” he said. A career politician and economist, Mr […]

Pascal Soriot: inversion deals are not dead yet

The new rules stopped short of an outright ban but doubled the proportion of stock that shareholders in the foreign target had to hold in order to execute a full inversion, from 20pc to 40pc. For inversions that did not […]

Linda Robson: ‘A few days’ work on surf ads – and we got 250 grand!’

At primary school, I was just eight when my English teacher Anna Scher opened a drama school and taught kids, including myself, Pauline Quirke, Gary and Martin Kemp, Gillian Taylforth and Kathy Burke for 10p a class. My first job […]

Older than 53? You may be losing your financial intelligence

The results were found by measuring two types of intelligence that help people manage their money. The first is “crystallised intelligence”, which is based on skills acquired through experience, and therefore improves with age. The second is “fluid intelligence” which […]

A clear choice: Labour debt or Tory realism

The National Health Service is something that everyone in Britain cares about deeply. From cradle to grave, we rely on it to look after us and our families. And as the population grows and ages the service will, almost without […]

George Osborne criticised over refusal to scrap Money Advice Service

Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee, said he was “very concerned” that a review into the MAS, ordered by the Treasury, had taken the service’s future off the agenda. In a series of letters […]

SUNDAY QUESTOR Vp upgraded after strong start

Broker upgrade UK-based rental company Vp reported revenue and profits accelerating in the first half of its financial year last week and shares could rise further after broker WH Ireland upgraded full-year forecasts by 7pc. Vp is well diversified across […]