Monthly Archives: April 2015

Questor share tip: Greggs serves up a special dividend

Chief executive Roger Whiteside has overseen a turnaround of Greggs Questor took a more pragmatic view back then, reiterating the hold recommendation made nine months before, saying that the update had pushed the shares to a record high following the […]

Argos shoppers refuse to let go of catalogue

Argos still prints more than 20m copies of its catalogue every year across two seasonal versions. However, by the end of the next financial year Argos plans to have 200 digital stores, including 100 concessions in Homebase shops and 10 […]

‘Free’ hi-tech thermostat with energy tariff costs ‘£197’

• £419 off your energy bills: the deals you won’t see in comparison tables But will the thermostat make up for the costlier tariff? We sought advice from the Energy Saving Trust, an independent body with expertise in savings from […]

Questor share tip: TSB takeover offer looks better than going it alone

Investors who bought into TSB’s float last June at 260p will get a 31pc premium from the takeover. This is a scale of return that the bank could not hope to match as a standalone company, particularly with no dividend […]

‘We won’t surrender’: Firebrand Greek minister risks fresh schism with Europe

The energy minister, who has ties with Moscow, has been one of the fiercest critics of the Troika’s plans to undercut Athens’ promises to address Greece’s “humanitarian crisis” through raising wages and pensions for the poorest. Syriza’s energy chief has […]

Nasdaq: We were to blame for Twitter results ‘leak’ that sparked crash in shares

As a result, Twitter’s shares fell by around 7pc, causing the company to halt trading and officially release the figures. It confirmed Selerity’s tweets but added that it expected revenues to be between $470m and $485m in the second quarter, […]

Former Fed chief Ben Bernanke takes job at Pimco

He has previously pledged never to work with a company that would be regulated by the Federal Reserve, to avoid conflicts of interest. In comments made on Wednesday he said that he would not lobby the Fed, government or Congress […]

Shock slowdown in US growth to just 0.2pc

Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit, said: “A stalling of US economic growth at the start of the year rules out any imminent hiking of interest rates by the Fed. “The slowdown looks temporary, as a rebound from the first […]

Ukraine’s conflict with Russia leaves economy in ruins

“Growth is expected to be led by a modest recovery of investment from a low base following large declines for three consecutive years,” it said. However, it added: “Further deterioration in trade relations with Russia could result in prolonged recession […]

Barclays bill for currency rigging rises above £2bn

The investment bank, whose poor performance has disappointed investors in recent months, grew profits by 37pc against the same period last year, although this was largely because restructuring costs fell. However, analysts questioned whether the improvement would save the division. […]