Monthly Archives: January 2016

Staying late to impress the boss is no guarantee of success

A. Your son sounds like a really talented guy, but to be successful he needs to be in the right organisation. Each company has its own distinctive culture, you can sense the atmosphere as soon as you turn up at […]

‘This is about the business, I promise you,’ says CMC chief ahead of £736m float

“The process has changed since 2006. We didn’t have ‘early looks’ [where companies introduce themselves to investors before the IPO process actually starts] back then. This time, we had over 40 ‘early look’ meetings, and I found that very useful.” […]

Forget the engine – it’s going online that’s driving the car industry

The consultancy’s annual study of 800 executives from car manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and IT companies breaking into the sector, ranked connectivity above traditional automotive sector subjects, with it jumping up from 10th place last year. Selling more vehicles in emerging […]

BT cannot be allowed to continue dominating the Openreach throne

Many who have sat on the Iron Throne learned to their peril that, while you are busy filling your war chest, the people you failed to serve as ruler are storming the battlements. This message has ostensibly fallen on deaf […]

Sky backs £10.25bn Three-O2 merger as EU prepares objections

The intervention in support of the deal comes as Sky’s bitter rival BT today takes control of EE, Britain’s biggest mobile operator. That deal was waved through by UK competition regulators on partly on grounds it does not reduce the […]

Hitachi to remain in UK regardless of Brexit vote

“For us, having the UK in the EU is always more preferable. But we cannot say Brexit is the wrong way,” he said. Hitachi, which employs 11,700 people across Europe, including a significant proportion in the UK, has its global […]

We should not be swayed by soundbites and slogans about Europe

The situation is different as between goods and services and I will discuss financial services on another occasion. But for goods exports, if we left, not only would the single market still exist, but a British company trying to export […]

McDonald’s reaps the benefit of all day breakfasts and table service

European sales had dropped by 1.4pc, between 2008-14. In the US, the decline was 3.3pc and in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, once considered a growth region, a rather frightening 9.9pc. It was not just the dire figures which […]

QuickQuid lender wins watchdog’s stamp of approval

The FCA took over responsibility for consumer credit in April 2014 and has been wading through 50,000 lenders to decide which ones are acting responsibly. The regulator forced lenders in January 2015 to ensure their customers could afford to repay […]

Barclays and Credit Suisse in $155m ‘dark pools’ settlement with US regulators

Barclays and Credit Suisse are due to pay a combined $155m (£102m) to US regulators to settle claims related to so-called ‘dark pools’ operated by the two banks. The two European banks are, as early as Monday, expected to pay […]