Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Silicon Valley of fear

Internet finance companies are growing rapidly – the amount of money Zopa lent doubled last year and is likely to do so again in 2014 – but it is the globally-established technology companies that have really Wall Street worried. Google […]

TSB in line for £450m IPO dowry from Lloyds

The payment, which has been approved by the European Commission and HM Treasury, is intended to cover the costs Lloyds could have spent building a new IT platform when it carved TSB out of its own business. Lloyds instead opted […]

FCA monitors Google’s price comparison service

Of particular concern is that Google’s listing of search results includes interactive tools such as entering a car’s registration number to find a quick insurance quote. Complainants believe this makes it more attractive. Google has also begun to include its […]

Despite the cheerleading, TSB’s value is unclear

After a drawn-out contest, the Co-op had been given exclusivity in late 2011, and at the time of the call, was on course to buy the branches later in the year. But that was why Marks was calling. Horta-Osorio sensed […]

Bridgestone aims to rival Kwik-Fit in Britain

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, is considering acquiring up to 500 tyre garages in the UK to go head-to-head with retailer Kwik-Fit. The Japanese company is seeking to buy eight to 10 regional automotive retail groups within a year […]

Activist takes NBNK stake in bid to sue Lloyds

NBNK, which was run by former Barclaycard chief Gary Hoffman, competed against the Co-op in earlier rounds, alongside Hugh Osmond’s Sun Capital. However when the Co-op deal ended, Lloyds went ahead with plans to float the business, culminating in last […]

Irish swings to the hard Left as voters tire of austerity

The current plight of the ruling partners, the centre-Right Fine Gael and centre-Left Labour Party, is a far cry from the widespread plaudits the pair received last December when the country made a clean exit from its Troika bail-out programme. […]

Investors want to ban ‘junk’ companies from London

Bumi was perhaps the most high-profile. The company was originally listed as Vallar, an institutionally-backed cash shell brought to the market by Nat Rothschild, into which was reversed a series of Indonesian resource assets owned by the Bakrie family. Investors […]

International Currency Exchange up for sale

International Currency Exchange began life with one shop in London’s Victoria train station, but has grown to have more than 400 branches across Europe, the US, Mexico, China and a number of other countries. As well as in train stations […]

Tesco could reclaim lead by cutting its margin

Tesco’s margins would more than halve, but it would reassert its dominance in the industry. The potential fall-out could lead to Sainsbury’s and Morrisons slipping into the red as their margins erode and sales fall. Although in the short term […]