Monthly Archives: May 2014

Tesco chief sees progress amid worst sales in a decade

Tesco is expected to partly blame the fall in sales on a contraction in the overall market, deflation due to price cuts, fewer promotions as the retailer focuses more on everyday low prices, and disruptions to stores from the acceleration […]

Sir David Arculus likes a challenge, so at 67 he has entered the world of wealth management

“We eventually sold IPC at quite a large profit and the bonds had to be bought out at 110p in the pound so I made a very nice profit on it thanks to Yogi.” To repay that friendship, Sir David […]

Brent Hoberman returns to market with float

Although its shares reached 511p on its first day of trading, within a month they had halved and within a year had fallen to 80p, 21pc of the issue price, as the bubble began to burst. The business was sold […]

PIA’s flightpath out of turbulent times

Shujaat Azeem, a pilot and businessman, shook his head as he listed the problems he had found already in his short tenure: the fuel-guzzling 747s shuttling around domestic routes, the bloated workforce and the fraud scandals of mind-boggling ingenuity. “We […]

China needs our know-how, not our money

But, what has changed is that the largest technology businesses in China, like Alibaba (an eBay clone, combined with Amazon but even bigger), Tencent (like Yahoo) and Baidu (think Google) all now need to explicitly build legitimate content businesses. The […]

Too little, too late. Why Britain’s IPOs are no longer working

So, why else are investors fatigued? At present, there is too little time to read the prospectus fully. It is published late in the IPO process despite being the most important document. Ideally, the prospectus should be used to question […]

We should quit EU if Britain’s national sovereignty is not ‘considerably restored’

To keep monetary unions together, you need significant cross-border transfers of cash — which end up causing resentment and outrage, not just among nations shelling out, but recipients too, when their paymasters boss them around. The result, throughout history, has […]

Deutsche Bank sued over Óleo e Gás funding deal

A group of minority bondholders of Eike Batista’s bankrupt Brazilian oil company are suing Deutsche Bank over allegations that the bank shut them out during the oil firm’s funding negotiations. A lawsuit filed in New York on Friday alleged that […]

Bridgestone must evolve or it will run out of road

“If you look at the premium segment in tyres, we’re generally trailing behind and are at the bottom of the pack in terms of brand awareness, market share and other indicators,” he explains. While the company has 12,500 employees in […]

GlaxoSmithKline is facing more than double jeopardy

In the case of GSK none of these conditions should be difficult to meet. The company is headquartered in UK and has the bulk of its sales in the US. On top of this, in a statement in July last […]