Monthly Archives: September 2014

Even the biggest firms are often powerless against activist investors

The interests of activist investors are usually aligned with those of other shareholders, but they often act with a short-term agenda that can erode value over the longer term. Yahoo! investors who had welcomed Mr Loeb’s input were left severely […]

How your life will change today

The paper tax disc, first issued on January 1, 1921, has finally had its day. Now cameras are used to enforce most road laws and they detect number plates rather than paper tax discs. Also, the DVLA has digital records […]

Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto help Reddit raise $50m

Social news site Reddit has raised $50m from stars such as rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Jared Leto, in a deal that will see investors giving 10pc of their shares back to the site’s user community. The funding was led […]

Fall in oil price is good for drivers, and for George Osborne

Many petrodollars are recycled across the global economy, making it tough to fully disentangle all of the effects of higher oil prices on economic growth. But on balance, they clearly still damage GDP. The fact that the price of Brent […]

The public is much more likely to back tax cuts than politicians realise

Lower taxes are good for economic growth. They reward effort, hard work, saving and investment. But there is a pretty big glitch: most people are only too keen to see those who earn more than them clobbered by the taxman, […]

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 and brings back Start Menu

The Windows 10 Start Menu However, the resizable tiles still feature in Windows 10, appearing when users open the Start Menu and signalling new emails and social media messages as well as weather information. This can be customised by users. […]

Competition, not politicians, will push up living standards

There are lots of explanations for that. Perhaps productivity increases have ground to a halt. High levels of immigration might be creating too much competition for the jobs that are available. Possibly globalisation has started to drive down wages everywhere. […]

Europe’s €500bn money funds risk AAA downgrade if they ‘break the buck’

The company said this does not imply that the fund will necessarily yield a negative return, and insists that it is not tantamount to “breaking the buck” – the term used in the industry when a fund falls below par […]

Market report: Primark hopes boost ABF

“Primark has always been a crucial component in ABF’s valuation, but with the collapse in profits of Sugar… Primark now also accounts for the lion’s share of the profits,” the analysts said. Hit by the “collapse” in European sugar prices, […]

Dollar surge triggers oil rout as Brent crude tumbles

Brent crude – a global benchmark of oil from 15 fields in the North Sea – fell below its $95 per barrel resistance level as the dollar surged against a basket of global currencies. Because major commodities such as oil […]