Monthly Archives: October 2014

Google boss Larry Page: Europe needs to be more like Silicon Valley and support technology

“Why can’t we get more of these things going in Europe?” Mr Page told the Financial Times. “Like celebrating technology, having a friendly environment for it, having more investment in science and a basic understanding and entrepreneurialism and making money […]

When is a cold call not a cold call?

It’s now been three years since the Central Bank of the UAE banned the practice of cold calling, yet the culture of local lenders hawking credit to consumers still persists. In a quick straw poll around the Arabian Business office, […]

Japan risks Asian currency war with fresh QE blitz

The unstated purpose of Mr Kuroda’s reflation drive is to lift nominal GDP growth to 5pc a year. The finance ministry deems this the minimum level needed to stop a public debt of 245pc of GDP from spinning out of […]

Is central bank independence really such a brilliant concept?

Since then, central bank independence has become a defining tenet of monetary orthodoxy, part of the so-called Jackson Hole Consensus, named after the annual summer get-together run by the Kansas City Fed. But it is worth reminding ourselves of the […]

Retail banks need to be free to modernise their business models

In any case, competition shows that there is never a single business model that is right for everyone. Metro Bank, the pioneering challenger bank, believes that its branches (or “stores”, open virtually every day of the year) are a key […]

Market report: Gold miners miss out as Japanese spending splurge fuels a jump in stocks

Closer to home, banking stocks jumped as the Bank of England gave details on the new level of capital firms must hold to cover their lending, which was more manageable than expected. The news pushed Barclays up 18.25p, or 8pc, […]

George Osborne tells Mark Carney to consider effects of leverage ratio rules

In a letter to the Bank’s Governor, Mark Carney, the Chancellor said this should take into account “the levels of lending to the real economy; the degree of competition in retail banking; the impact on lenders with low average risk […]

Starbucks to start delivering coffee to your desk

The world’s biggest coffee chain is looking to capitalise on a consumer shift to online shopping, while also tackling a smaller-than-expected rise in sales. Starbucks said on Thursday that a 1pc rise in traffic contributed to a 5pc gain in […]

Dollar and Dow Jones surge

The US dollar reached a four-year high against a basket of currencies on Friday, as Japan turned the spigots on for a fresh round of quantitative easing. The surprise currency move soothed fears of a sharp downturn in Asia, which […]

What Twitter can learn from LinkedIn

LinkedIn Corp.’s addition of new business lines, such as news content and client-management services for salespeople, lifted third-quarter sales and profit above analysts’ estimates. Revenue rose 45 percent to $568.3 million (£355 million), the Mountain View, California-based company said yesterday […]