Monthly Archives: March 2015

April Fools: the best corporate gags this year

To keep you chuckling while we wait for this year’s gags to roll in, let’s take a look at some of the best from previous years. Google has become the undisputed king of April Fool’s Day, released more than a […]

B&Q brand could disappear as new Kingfisher boss closes stores

In a note entitled “Waterloo Sunset for B&Q?”, Tony Shiret, analyst at BESI, said: “The main point to come out of [the announcement] in our opinion is the possibility that Kingfisher moves its UK DIY operations onto the Castorama facia. […]

Carphone Warehouse cut off from Apple Watch launch

Mr Stapleton said the company was nevertheless devoting more space in stores to “wearable’” technology such as smartwatches in expectation of Apple’s arrival in the market. Among others, Samsung, Motorola and Sony have already launched competing devices but had limited […]

Barack Obama gives Shell go-ahead to drill for oil in Alaskan Arctic

The company spent $5bn (£3bn) in its last failed search for oil in Alaska but the company believes that the region’s vast untapped reserves warrant the potential financial and environmental risks of returning. Despite the slump in oil prices to […]

Greece leaving the euro might not be a bad thing, says Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, the billionaire chief executive and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, has said a Greek exit from the eurozone could be constructive for the region. “If it turns out the Greeks leave, that may not be a bad thing for […]

Rory Cullinan’s departure from RBS just doesn’t add up

We know all this because Ross McEwan, the chief executive of RBS, has taken great pains to tell us about it. The New Zealander wants the investment bank to focus on its home market – more or less pulling out […]

Iceland looks at ending boom and bust with radical money plan

Mr Sigurjonsson said the problem each time arose from ballooning credit during a strong economic cycle. Frosti Sigurjonsson’s report, entitled A Better Monetary System For Iceland He argued the central bank was unable to contain the credit boom, allowing inflation […]

Prudential boss Tidjane Thiam awarded £11.8m for his final year in charge

Prudential reported a 14pc rise in operating profits to £3.2bn for last year. The company met or surpassed internal targets on operating profit, cash flow and embedded value during the year, triggering the bonus payments. Mr Thiam is one of […]

Questor share tip: Record profits at James Halstead

Its global reach has reduced any reliance on one particular market and has helped spread any commercial risks. Halstead generates about 35pc of sales in the UK, 43pc from Europe, 15pc in the Far East, and 7pc from the rest […]

Quindell founder named as major investor in City stockbroker

On Tuesday, he was named as the second biggest investor in Daniel Stewart, the broker that lost a slew of clients after giving up its nominated advisor (Nomad) licence last year. Mr Terry now holds 7.4pc of the company, having […]