Monthly Archives: March 2015

Oil price down as Iran nuclear deal deadline nears

Negotiations in the Swiss town are being led by John Kerry, the US secretary of state, and six other foreign ministers including representatives from Iran. On Monday night, a State Department official placed the chances of success at “50-50”, adding […]

UK economy grew at fastest rate for nine years in 2014

Household spending also recorded a bumper rise of 0.6pc in the quarter. At £263.9bn, it is at its highest level since the ONS began recording the data. There was also a slight shrinking in the UK’s current account deficit which […]

Lloyds wins approval to buy back high-yield bonds

However, Lloyds said in December that it would seek permission to redeem the bonds at par value, following the Bank of England’s stress tests that did not take the bonds into account when measuring the bank’s capital strength. On Wednesday, […]

Eurozone stuck in deflation for fourth month

Prices have fallen across the eurozone for a fourth month, as economists warn that the currency union could fall into a deflationary spiral. Official statistics showed that prices fell by 0.1pc in the year to March, a slower pace than […]

Hang in and take the FTSE’s rough with the smooth

One fund manager who has a specific mandate to avoid losses is certain that a correction is coming. Iain Stewart, who manages the popular Newton Real Return fund, said printed money from central banks had pumped up stock markets beyond […]

No mobile phone signal? You still have to pay

The report found that customers could not end their contract early without paying an exit fee if they were unhappy with the service, because many agreements failed to specify a “reasonable minimum service” which customers could argue they were due […]

Summer holiday sales boost Thomas Cook

Online sales are growing solidly, with bookings up 10pc compared to last year due to improved customer conversion rates on the website. Mobile and tablet bookings are also up 63pc, representing a third of total digital sales, up from 20pc […]

A CTF that turned £1,000 into £4,944 in 10 years makes it hard to switch

I chose the funds as I still do today, hunting out those with low costs, invested in areas that are unloved and with great future potential. Investment trusts are a rich hunting ground. Running costs tend to be lower and […]

Destination danger: The world’s 10 riskiest countries

A Tajik woman casts her ballot in her home during early Tajikistan parliamentary voting in the village of Arzob, some 25 kms from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The majority of countries in the bottom 10 on the FM Global 2015 Resilience Index […]

Net-a-Porter merges with Italy’s Yoox

According to Richemont, the deal is a “merger of equals”. Once the merger is approved by Yoox shareholders in June, the combined entity will be re-named Yoox Net-A-Porter Group. The company will be headquartered in Italy and continue to be […]