Monthly Archives: December 2015

Champagne sales hit record high in 2015

The 2015 sales estimates reflected efforts to promote higher-priced products such as special blends and fine vintages, as well as growing demand for Rose Champagnes in Japan and the US, Champagne’s second largest export market after Britain. In Britain, a […]

Europe’s trillion euro bank bail-outs are over

Senior bondholders and depositors over €100,000 will be in line to be “bailed-in” if a bank goes bust, a departure from the mass government-funded rescues seen in Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece in the wake of the financial crisis. Brussels’ […]

Cost of British storms to put pressure on insurance dividends, analysts say

“As a result, investors should brace for a more modest dividend for this period,” the analysts said. RSA resumed dividend payments with a 2p-per-share payment in February 2015 after an 18-month hiatus while the company addressed accounting problems in its […]

What the end of the financial crisis means for investors

The first phase had its roots in the US housing market and the leveraged loans made to sub-prime borrowers. These loans started to collapse as the housing market weakened, causing a widespread credit crunch that had global dimensions. The bottom […]

Amazon to let customers pay in installments

Amazon is to let customers pay for goods on its website in installments, as the online retailer steps up its attack on the UK high street. The US giant, led by founder Jeff Bezos, will offer loans of up to […]

Turbulent FTSE in worst year since 2011

Despite the high points of early 2015, when the blue chip index partied like it was 1999, turbulence dominated the later half of the year, as the commodities price rout claimed a number of victims. The mining-heavy index tumbled 323.77 […]

George Osborne must ‘use his influence’ and step into FCA’s banking review row

Despite Mr McDonnell’s protests, the Government hinted it would not step into the row, repeatedly stressing that the FCA is an independent regulator. A Treasury spokesman also denied it put pressure on the FCA to change tack, despite the move […]

Indian business expansion talks send Vodafone to top of FTSE

Overall, an uneventful session of low volumes and little volatility marked the last trading day of 2015 for the FTSE 100. Britain’s benchmark index slipped 31.73 points, or 0.51pc, to end a turbulent 12 months at 6,242.32 just 323.77 points […]

Crossing the green line: The first cannabis company on Wall Street

Peterson had been responsible for handling a $100m fund until he was sacked by Morgan Stanley in late 2010. The bank took exception to his sideline – operating a company selling equipment to cannabis growers. “We were pretty overt and […]

How did the world’s richest billionaires fare in 2015?

1. Bill Gates, Microsoft$84.1bn, -2.8pc The genius behind the Microsoft software empire saw his wealth fall by $2.5bn to $84.1bn this year. However, this hasn’t stopped him retaining his crown as the world’s richest man. Gates has a 3pc stake […]