Monthly Archives: October 2016

Britain stands behind Saudi air campaign in Yemen even as strike on funeral prompts US to review its support  

Video shows moment ‘double tap’ air strike hits Yemen funeral Play! 01:48 Raf Sanchez, Middle East Correspondent Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent 10 October 2016 • 5:49pm Britain will continue to support the Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen, the government […]

David Davis warns MPs on attempts to ‘derail’ Brexit

David Davis warns MPs on attempts to ‘derail’ Brexit Play! 01:26 10 October 2016 • 5:43pm David Davis, the Brexit minister, has urged MPs not to attempt to derail Brexit. In a statement to Parliament, he said: “The mandate for […]

Kitten rescued from Hurricane Matthew, brought to pet hospital and given a tiny jumper

He was given a jumper, made out of a sock, and a new home Credit: Twitter/@crysomemore 10 October 2016 • 4:46pm A kitten was rescued from a hurricane storm in Raleigh, North Carolina, and given a tiny jumper made out […]

Britain will begin taking hundreds of child migrants from Calais refugee camp within weeks

A child refugee at the Calais ‘jungle’ Credit: Paul Grover/Paul Grover 10 October 2016 • 4:29pm Britain will begin taking hundreds of child migrants from the Calais refugee camp within weeks before it is dismantled, the Home Secretary has said. […]

Pony saved from the slaughter trained and is now a world champion

Bear is now a world agility champion after being saved from a cull Credit: Facebook/Wild Stallion Whispering 10 October 2016 • 4:03pm Exmoor pony Bear had his life completely turned around by horse whisperer Dawn Westcott after he was saved […]

America reacts to Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton ‘the devil’

All the reaction to the 2nd presidential TV debate Donald Trump threatens Hillary Clinton with prison over emails Who won the second presidential debate? Trump holds press conference with four Bill Clinton accusers Trump dismisses Mike Pence’s position on Syria, […]

At least 14 killed in suicide car bomb in Afghanistan

At least 14 killed in suicide car bomb in Afghanistan Play! 00:40 10 October 2016 • 3:36pm A suicide car bombing on Monday killed 14 people, including 10 Afghan police officers, as the Taliban launched a large-scale attack on the […]

Leading academic urges Nicola Sturgeon to ditch threats of second Scottish independence referendum and make the most of Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon urged to drop new referendum threat Credit: EPA Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent 10 October 2016 • 2:57pm A leading constitutional expert has urged Nicola Sturgeon to put aside another divisive independence referendum and use Brexit instead to work […]

Post-internet man is rude, narcissistic, and bad at sex. No wonder women are staying single

Single and in no rush to mingle It’s a medical truism that married people live longer than their single counterparts, who – the wisdom goes – are more likely simply to wither away in a landslide tinned food and cats, […]

Widow of scientist killed by psychotic knifeman days after charges are dropped demands inquiry into failings

Nadja Ensink had just given birth when her husband Jeroen Hensink was murdered Credit: Nadja Ensink/PA Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent 10 October 2016 • 12:18pm The widow of a scientist killed by a psychotic illegal immigrant has demanded an inquiry […]